Review Of Punjabi Movie

On the off chance that you are searching for stimulation that would be adequate for the whole family, the Angrej Punjabi motion picture would be an extraordinary spot to begin. This motion picture has been seen by numerous fans, who concur that the substance is satisfactory for grown-ups and also for youngsters, making it an incredible film for the family to run see with no danger of humiliation.

The Angrej DjPunjab film stars Amrinder Gill, who plays the character of Angrej Sing Alias Gega. He is known as an extremely viable on-screen character who is likewise a fabulous artist. Numerous fans will remember him from his acclaimed collection called Judaa, as this was extremely well known all through Punjabi and different spots. Different stars of this film incorporate Ammy Virk, Aditi Sharma, Sargun Mehta, Binnu Dhillon, and Sardar Sohi. The science in the middle of characters and the real acting aptitude they have will probably make you overlook that you are notwithstanding watching a motion picture, and you will feel a piece of the story.

This Angrej Punjabi motion picture plot happens in the 1940’s and is an awesome representation of Punjab, particularly the provincial territories thereof. Numerous fans have seen this film and have found that the delineations of the zone and also the characters are exact and very illustrative of genuine living. Large portions of the individuals who have seen this motion picture value it on account of its chronicled exactness.

The Angrej Punjabi film is not exclusively for the individuals who are keen on history, then again. It is an affection story with numerous intriguing turns. The individuals who are not inspired by sentiment will be happy to realize that the motion picture is likewise exceptionally interesting, with numerous comedic circumstances strewn all through the film.

This film had an astounding opening week in India, raking in more than $600,000 U.S. dollars. While those from Punjab may discover the Angrej Punjabi motion picture particularly engaging, those in different regions of the world have additionally observed it to be an exceptionally enlivening film. The motion picture has profited in the United States and also in different nations.

Regardless of what nation or society you are from or are a piece of now, it is likely that you will discover this film extremely engrossing and you will be happy that you brought the whole gang. You will probably leave far from the theater feeling both educated about the early Punjab years and feeling light and elevated in view of the grand story contained in the move.

About Brothers Movie 2015

Brothers: Bollywood Movie Based on the Hollywood film, Warrior, Brothers is the Bollywood remake. The star studded cast features Sidharth Malhotra, Akshay Kumar, and Jacqueline Fernandez in leading roles. The Mixed Martial Arts action film received a warm reception in the Indian population, making it a huge success in earnings and popularity.Directed by the experienced and creative Karan Malhotra, the film is action packed as it is dramatic with an enticing plot. It is produced by Lionsgate Films, Dharma Productions, and Endemol India. All this create one action packed and well developed story line with high quality graphics. This film portrays the lives of brothers and their father who fight for family, healing, and redemption. The story focuses on two brothers, Monty Fernandez (played by Malhotra) and David Fernandez (played by Mr Jatt). Brought up in a broken home with an alcoholic father who was absent for a large part of their growing up, they become estranged later in life. Both, however, develop a love for mixed martial arts fighting despite their diverging routes of life. The father of the two boys, Gery Fernandez, is a former street fighter who spent 10 years in prison. Only after coming home from jail does Gery realize that his sons whom he left when they were young, were bitter towards him, leaving him with guilt and regret about how he handled his family. Monty is a lonely street fighters who engaged in illegal underground street fighting. He is hot headed and lacks focus yet he yearns for love of his family. David is the brother who made a good life out of his experiences. He, a former MMA fighter, quit that profession to become a teacher and lead on a happy, but financially tough family life with his wife, Jenny, and daughter PooPoo. The biggest MMA international event comes at their home door step and both brothers opt in the “Right to Fight.” In this intensely competitve MMA event, the winner takes it all, and both brothers want it all. With their efforts, they make their way through the preliminary rounds and make it to the final round. Beaten and hungry for the prize, both brothers go into the final round with determination.It can be downloded from Mr-Jatt.Us. Little did they know that this fight will be the one that brings the two stranger brothers face to face after a long while. In the final battle, the brothers seek a fighting title, money, redemption, and healing.

Hit Punjabi Singer

Babbu Maan is a Punjabi vocalist performer, working and living in Mohali. He is the most young of three children and was raised in the town Khant Maanpur in the Fatehgarh Sahib zone of Punjab, India. Maan’s central target gathering of spectators is the Punjabi-talking people in India and around the world. Since 1999, he has released eight studio accumulations and six game plan accumulations; has created screenplays for. Maan is the emissary for One Hope, One Chance, a non-advantage affiliation based out of Punjab.

Babbu Maan, the principle Punjabi craftsman who sings his own specific verses in his own remarkable music. Babbu Maan is for the most part prestigious for his unmistakable music and verses, at present he is one of the epic Punjabi vocalists who has given another example to Badwap Bhangra Music. His desolate tunes are incomprehensibly touching and urbane with the synchronized Punjabi music, as that no one else could make. In a matter of seconds he is delved in Punjabi pop craftsman, author, lyricist, playback vocalist and entertainer as well.

Babbu Maan (considered Tejinder Singh Maan on March 29) is a Punjabi craftsman artist, entertainer, and producer. Considered in the town of Khant Maanpur in the Fatehgarh Sahib District of Punjab, India Babbu Maan has been to a great degree connected to playing music since his childhood, singing before a crowd of people shockingly in the midst of a school work in his town school at seven years of age. He would see everything through the eyes of a musical craftsman, really changing cooking dish into musical instruments as he made cadenced sounds. He made sense of how to form verses, while at school (Panjab University, Chandigarh) when he was around 16. After school, he started singing and making music. He is one of the couple of specialists who makes his own specific verses for the larger part of his tunes. He sang for Mavi music recording studio and recorded his first gathering when he was only 23.


Babbu Maan showed up in 1998 with his accumulation Sajjan Rumal De Giya. Miserable with the gathering he withdrew to the arranging stage and re-made tremendous numbers out of the tunes, an extensive part of which were re-released in his taking after accumulations.

Tu Meri Miss India, his second accumulation was released in 1999 was a raving achievement.

His third accumulation Saaun Di Jhadi released in 2001 was an outstandingly successful gathering; It sold more than ten million copies in India alone and various more abroad. In 2003 Maan was picked as on-screen character and Music Director for the  movie Hawayein in which he worked near to his most cherished vocalist, Sukhwinder Singh. The film was exceptionally successful. It was trailed by his accumulation, Ohi Chann Ohi Rataan. This gathering in like manner fared well, in both segregating acknowledgment and arrangements. Pyass was he’s next accumulation.

In 2006 Maan started on his first playback movie called Rabb Ne Banayien Jodeian, with its tunes scoring another achievement for Maan. Mera Gham was an outstandingly successful Hindi gathering. It focused all the more on moderate wistful and deplorable songs with a few up-beat tunes. The song “Ek Raat/One Night Stand” dazed various group of onlookers individuals, however coincidentally, the tune has an extraordinarily irresistible beat.

Maan included in a New Year’s unprecedented called Aao Saare Nachiye which was moreover exceedingly productive. Area 1 was released in 2008 and Part 2 in 2009. Maan’s Film Hashar… A warmth Story, was the best film accomplishment yet in his employment; the tunes were also a hit. Starting late Babbu released a religious album,Singh Better Than King. A tune from this gathering “Ik Baba Nanak Si” was banned by the council. This was trailed by a TV diagram in which 80% of people reinforced Babbu Maan, 6% people maintained the control of the tune and 14% people did not tune in. Regardless, it was productive gathering and it sold more than 25 million copies in (INDIA). On March 25 2010, Maan turned out with his new Film Ekam – Son of Soil. The film faired well in the realistic world.

Movie Clips Downloads – A Sneak Peak at Hollywood’s Latest Hit Movies

At whatever point new motion pictures are made, the individuals who made it will advance it by promoting it on films, on TVs, radios and even the daily paper. It is an incredible approach to tell individuals that another motion picture is impending soon and it is likewise an extraordinary approach to tell individuals when it will be discharged.

On the off chance that you like to keep upgraded on the most recent on Hollywood, you can have a go at downloading film cuts over the web. These clasps are normally in a manifestation of special advertisement where it can give you a sneak top on the most recent blockbuster that will be discharged on films soon punjabi dj.

Today, there are a considerable amount of motion picture cuts accessible over the web. Some are limited time advertisements and others are teaser trailers that will demonstrate a share of any profits of the motion picture. There are additionally a ton of other film cuts accessible that consistent individuals made. Albeit the majority of the film cuts can’t be really downloaded to your PC from Mr-Jatt Desi Music it will be spilled to your PC from the web. This implies that the document might be imparted to you and you won’t have the capacity to download it. Nonetheless, there are a few sites that can offer you free download of film clasps.

Everything you need is the best possible programming for playing the film. The colossal thing about this is that the product for playing documents are either promptly accessible in your PC or everything you need is to download an alternate media player. There are some that will just oblige you to download codecs that will be consequently get downloaded by the player if the motion picture record obliges it.

It is prescribed that you ought to have a quick web association with the goal you should download the film cuts from the web in simply a couple of minutes. Contingent upon your association, furthermore the measure of the motion picture document, downloads will take as meager as a couple of seconds to the length of a couple of minutes.

Film clasps downloads are incredible for getting a sneak top at the most recent motion pictures accessible. Likewise, you can transfer your own particular motion picture cuts in sites, for example, YouTube, and let it be accessible for all individuals to see. In sites like YouTube, you will have admittance to diverse motion picture cuts. In spite of the fact that you can’t really the film on your hard circle, it is without a doubt an awesome approach to keep yourself entertained while surfing the web.

Here, you will have entry to various types of motion picture cuts. You will see incredible motion picture trailers, film spoofs, extraordinary parts of satire shows, comical advertisements and you can even have entry to individuals taking features of them and doing senseless things. The best thing about this is that it is totally free for you to view the motion picture cuts accessible.

These are a portion of the considerable things that you can do over the web. Downloading motion picture clasps is an awesome approach to keep yourself entertained. In this way, on the off chance that you don’t have anything to do or on the off chance that you need to take a sneak review of the most recent motion pictures accessible from have a go at downloading film cuts over the web. You can make certain that you will have a fabulous time downloading from mr-velly  and viewing various types of motion picture cuts accessible in the web.

Latest Bollywood Songs

Music is a power to realize God.Hollywood Music has been in cultures since ages, and no one exactly knows the exact origin of it. Indeed music possesses some cosmic energies and grooves our souls. It depends upon the kind and genre of music one loves. Traditional classics, trance, techno, rock are some of the most famous genres of the music world wide. Various folk or country music are derivates of these kinds. A music lover cherishes humming songs of his likes. Yes, learning lyrics becomes a daunting task. Also understanding the foreign accent is tough, where the lyrics of the song helps to learn and understand the song. Many djjohal singers require lyrics of the song to learn the song in sync with the music. Music is fun, and singing a song with the appropriate lyrics conveys the actual feeling of the song.

Lyrics forms an integral part of a song. A well written song marks a smart impression. Many musicians and aspirants are in need of lyrics of a song that they wish to sing, perform or learn. Internet again gains the credibility for offering highly customized services at ease of these clients. Presently there are many companies which are offering services for the lyrics to clients who need them. These companies maintain highly customized websites with categorized databases of lyrics of different genres, categories like English sad songs, Hindi  songs, latest Bollywood songs, new sad songs, etc. To find lyrics of a song, one has to reach these websites online and type the name of the song, artist in the search bar and the desired results are shown in seconds. One can download, copy the lyrics from the source as per his requirements.

Latest Songs Lyrics. Com is a song lyrics website catering clients who need the lyrics of various songs. It maintains a comprehensive collection of Hindi Songs lyrics, Punjabi songs lyrics, English songs lyrics, new sad songs lyrics, etc. You can get lyrics from music maza. The services are highly customer oriented and aim at customer satisfaction. Maintaining a user friendly website, it offers easy navigation and effective communication. Latest movie songs, folk music, International music hold greater demand and hence are categorized on the home page itself to increase visibility. One can find the lyrics searching by the name of the movie, by the name of artist, album etc. Reach out to the website to explore the key features of the services offered.

Top Horror Movies of All Time

Not everyone dares to watch horror movies, there are many who are just fond of them. They just see the scary films over and over again. They can even catch horror flicks alone at night. Though watching scary movies cannot be done by all, but he gory, violent scream-fest is really adventurous and gives amazing feeling Download From BadWap.Com.

Though there is large selection of horror movies, but there are a few which are so wonderfully terrible that you will love watching them. To know about the scary movies of all time check out the listing briefed mentioned below-

The Shining

Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining is an amazingly wonderful horror movie that gained remarkable re-appraisal of the public over past 30 decades. Jack Nicholson’s performance in this movie was really praiseworthy. The unrelenting tension added to the flick just added a charm to the sunny leone film. What was the most amazing facts related to the Shining was that people watched the movie again and again for they came up with a few insane theories. They took it as a twisted masterpiece.


Nowadays, the horror movies are mysterious and involve masked psychopaths that hunt down nubile teenagers. But back in 19th century the concept of the scary movies was based on the novels. And this is when John Carpenter came up with the concept of Halloween. In this movie Jamie Lee Curtis can be seen as a teenager who had a very, very badmasti Halloween post to escape of his brother from the asylum. And the music of the flick will just chill down your spine. All in all is one of the top and best scary movies of all time.

Night of the Living Dead’

This movie centres around a young couple who is forced to bear the consequences of a massive zombie attack at a farm. Though this movie was shot on a micro-budget, but still it can be regarded as a true masterpiece. Though a number of sequels were shot over past few decades, but none could stand up to the standard of the original.

The Haunting

This movie is about a large group of people who are forced to spend a night in a bad wap haunted house. You may feel that it features a cliché story, but much of its suspense comes when the heroine of the movie- Julie Harris goes insane. The lesbian character introduced in the flick just enhances the praiseworthiness of the movie.


Indeed, there is something freaky about watching a movie featuring aliens. Though a number of people don’t recognise zombies, werewolves’ demons or ghosts as something real, but watching flick involving something of that sort is really scary. This classic film of Ridley Scott, showcases the story of a group of astronauts who are in the distant future and get trapped on a spaceship along with a vicious creature. This is one of amazing horror movies that features brilliant craftsman of the director. You’ll find the tension slowly builds to the notch. You could also find the sequels of the movie, which unlike most movie sequels, stand up to the standards of the original.




Know About Ek Paheli Leela Movie

Ek paheli Leela movie is a Bollywood movie distributed by the T-series. Its full audio was released on March 15; 2015.The thriller is available in You Tube that lasts 145 minutes. Officially released on 10th April 2015, the movie with Indian subtitles shows the real ecstasy for the viewers. To get the gist of what is going on in the movie, wade through the plot below.

The plot

The movie is all about Sunny Leone alias Meera, A London-based super model that has a lot of fear for flying. She finds herself landing in one unexpected place- Rajasthan in a way that she probably has not expected before too. She is the cutest lady in town as it unravels.

She keeps swaying her navel; leave alone the fact that she has a stunning torso, legs and waist. This makes many young men to come and leave whizzing just to get her affection. We see Karan, Bikram, Dev, Shravan, and Ranveer as the epitomes of such men but who finally wins?

It is clear that Meera falls in love with Ranveer but there is impending destruction of their love by one Karan. Karan recognizes Meera as Leela one of the girls from his past that is full of questions. He thinks she is answer to all the questions that has had in this pagal world.

We always see Sunny in her extravagant, revealing costumes that give her power apparently over almost every man that comes across her. At no point in the movie do we not stop to be told that Leela is the most beautiful girl on the planet. But do we know? The beauty turns out to be her curse and it ruins her twice.You can view review’s.

The lady goes to play her loverwith Shravan in the desert. This lands them in one of the most awkward intimate scenes in the movie. Oh my! They play sex in the desert then end up spilling sand on each other. It does go on to tell us about how Meera sees a psychiatrist to tell her ’ bad story”. But does it stop there?

Even after the marriage of Leon, the nightmares of Karan do not stop. There are numerous other episodes that unravel close to the end of the movie too that keep your eyes and ears engaged. You cannot stop w3atching once you begin.

Has it been a hit?

Certainly, when it was first unveiled back on 6 February 2015, it gained the status of the most viewed Bollywood movie on YouTube in the first three months of 2015. This is an amazing performance the US$2.4 budgeted movie. However, the download movie is not with some controversies as the Indian Express criticized it by saying it wants to exploit the ladies awe-inspiring stack. Time will however tell if the criticism holds.

Final purport

Do not wait for someone to narrate the plot to you again. It is time to act and so get to the market and add this to your film library. Do not miss the 15 awesome songs that have been played by the best artists that are incorporated in the film. Look at the awesome twist at the end of the movie- you can’t wait a second but go for your copy.

Bollywood Movies – the story of art, music and entertainment.

Although the name draws inspiration from the American Film Industry Hollywood, Bollywood is completely blended with cent percent Indian flavor. Not surprisingly Bollywood movies are renowned all over the world for the exuberance and vibrancy in entertainment in several forms. The exaggerated action stunts, peppy music and dance performances all set in wonderful scripts ranging over a vast expanse distinguishes Bollywood from the rest of the cinema world.

It is indeed interesting to know that Bollywood in fact is the most prolific film industry in the world producing more than 1000 films a year, much more than Hollywood. The 2001 data from Motion Pictures Association of America and FICCI establishes 1013 download Bollywood films were produced during the year while that number stood at 739 for Hollywood. Even though the number of Cinemas in India is just around 13000 much less than about 40000 in the US, annual selling of tickets for Bollywood is 3.6 billion compared to 2.6 billion for Hollywood.

Bollywood movies had reached people’s lives from the very beginning. Everyday life, dreams, love, society, psychology all have influenced movies. Indigenous works such as Naya Daur (1957), Mughal e Azam (1960), Sholay (1975), Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge (1995), Lagaan (2001), Dhoom (2004 – 2014), Tare Zameen Par ( 2007), 3 Idiots (2009), Gangs of Wasseypur (2012) and a thousand more punjabi dj movies  stand tall to the expectations and sentiments of the crowd.

The industry has seen changes and has been the pioneer of many since its birth till date. Changes in the presentation, changes in the art, changes in fashion, technology, economy, policies, lives and lifestyles have been with and through Bollywood movies. From the subtle artistic age old sets to the lush meadows of the 90s and to the realist’s world of modern cinema, it has been a wonderful journey. The industry has nurtured several talents not only in acting but also in direction from Raj Kapoor to Aamir Khan, from Madhubala to Priyanka Chopra. Punjabi Movies has been a hub of ingenious directors like Bimal Roy, Yash Chopra, Rajkumar Hirani, Anurag Kashyap and many more.

Another great contribution of Bollywood movies to art is Music and Dance. Bollywood over the years has transformed music and has been the platform for genius like Shankar Jaikishan, RD Burman, Lata Mangeshkar, Kishore Kumar, AR Rahman, Shankar Mahadevan, Shreya Ghoshal and others. Bollywood has also seen experimentation, modernization and evolution of music as a separate art. Talented lyricists like Kaifi Azmi, Gulzar, Javed Akhtar, Irshad Kamil has worshipped music with the beautiful flowers of lyrics flowing from their blessed pens.

Bollywood movies today have become a part of life for a common Indian irrespective of any social barrier and they have successfully enhanced the integrity of the nation through their glorious journey.

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